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Would Bassist Kenny Passarelli Ever Play With Elton John Again?

We asked Kenny Passarelli if her would ever play and/or tour with Elton John again? The gifted bassist was with Captain Fantastic during one of his most commercial times but also a tough period personally. Also Kenny looks back at the second album he did with Elton the underrated “Blue Moves.” – by John Beaudin John Beaudin has been in major market radio (Edmonton, Vancouver & Calgary) for 33 years and a music journalist since 1989. He graduated from Broadcasting school as a news man so he would have the skills to write about the artists that inspired him...

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Vince Gill Shares His Setlist With The Eagles & How He’s A Perfect Fit

Gill seems pretty happy about his new digs in the Eagles house. He talked to Rolling Stone magazine about how this whole thing is a dream come true. Gill said his management reached out to Irving Azoff’s at the Eagles headquarters about an idea for him to join up with the boys thinking they would not take him seriously. The country superstar said though he knew Frey quite well but it wasn’t until Don Henley’s “Cass Country,” album, which he appeared on, that the pair really jelled. At the time Gill was talking to Joe Walsh about doing a...

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Billy Joel Has New Music In His Head & More Praise For Elton John

Billy Joel Says He’s Not Depressed, Still Writes Songs & Tips His Hat To Elton John In a new Rolling Stone Interview with Patrick Doyle the Piano Man seems more comfortable in his skin – age will do that. The 68-year-old didn’t tour between 2009 and 2013 because of a hip replacement. Instead, as he says it, he was knocking over furniture in his house via a scooter. Looking back Joel says “New York State Of Mind” is his favorite since it’s turned into a standard and he still wakes up with music in his head – every morning....

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Huge Announcement From Toto – 40th Anniversary Tour & Album

Toto Celebrate “40 Trips Around The Sun” With 2018 Tour & Sony Albums The band released the news this morning of the first round of tour dates for their 40th Anniversary beginning in 2018. The 40 Trips Around The Sun Tour will begin in February 2018 in Europe. It’s going to be a huge worldwide tour. More shows will be announced shortly. Tickets for most shows go on sale this Friday. The dates are in the description of this video. Sony – Legacy Recordings will also release a new Greatest Hits package. also titled: “40 Trips Around The Sun.”...

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The Original Alice Cooper Band Reunites on “Paranormal”

Alice Cooper Continues His Original Band Reunion on “Paranormal” Like on his last studio album, “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” in 2011, which was meant to be a sequel to the 1975’s classic of the same name the singer invited the old Alice Cooper band back. Interestingly the original Cooper band were never on “Welcome” they had disbanded before that. Six years ago they reunited for three tunes and on “Paranormal,” which is set for release July 28, it will be two. The original Alice Cooper band created the groundwork for the King of Shock Rock via the first 7...

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