Author: John Beaudin

Is Journey Ready To Break Up? It Sure Looks Like The End Is Near

Just when you thought the drama in Journey couldn’t get any hotter come a another tweet from leader Neal Schon asking, “How would you feel if you found out the rest of the band wanted to tour without me? I’ve always been 100% JRNY and made the right choices.” Then he tweeted, “I will travel to new musical terrain that we never have and encompass everything,” Schon wrote on Twitter. “Hits are hits; we have a ton.” insinuating a new band or a new Journey. Then came a reminder that Schon probably owns the Journey name adding, “They will...

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Guitarist Chuck Loeb Dead at 61 Report and Tribute #ChuckLoeb #RIP

The Jazz world is in shock at the passing of such an exceptional guitarist and one of the most decent human being you’ll ever meet. When I was programming Smooth Jazz radio I had a frank conversation with Loeb about my dislike for 70% of the Smooth Jazz that I was getting at the radio station. He listened intently and said, “Wow, you’re getting 30% great music, that’s pretty good listening.” We also got onto Led Zeppelin and he shared stories of his early love for what we call Classic Rock. In the summer of 67 Chuck was 11....

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Ton Scherpenzeel Says Kayak Was Never Trying To Sound Like Genesis or Yes #Kayakband

The band Kayak has been an enigma to many music fans especially the Prog group. When I picked up their third album “Royal Bed Bouncer” from 1975 I immediately thought they sounded like a dutch version of Supertramp because of Scherpenzeel’s piano work. It was mysterious, quirky, very melodic and complicated in a classical way. I asked him if any of that prog influence was conscious? Kayak are working on their 17 studio album appropriately title “Seventeen” but this month they released their box set ‘Journey Through Time’ which included all sixteen studio albums plus two bonus CD’s. Scherpenzeel...

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Ian Gillan Calls Ex-Deep Purple Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore “A Difficult Bugger”

Ian Paice tells TeamRock, “Towards the end of Ritchie’s tenure, every night there were four people up there on stage who were trying and one who wasn’t. It was very obvious. And the audiences for smaller and the gigs crappier. All this depressive stuff came from one guy he didn’t want to play. And at this moment Ritchie announced he was going, and after a couple of days of: What the hell do we do now?’ It was like a big weight being lifted off out shoulders. Talking about his late great keyboard bandmate Jon Lord, who died in...

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Lindsey Buckingham Says Fleetwood Mac’s Real Drama Album Wasn’t “Rumours”

Stephen Deusner Talked Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie about their new album and it’s hard to talk this band without a little drama coming up. The calling card for their biggest album “Rumours” from 1977 was all the breakups and broken/bitter hearts smashing into each other but Buckingham says that 45 million selling album was the not the hardest to makes. He ads, “Tango in the Night was the most different album in the terms of getting it done, as that was everyone’s level of crazy – hit the wall. People think of “Rumours” as being the turmoil time,...

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