kate-bush-press-1200x800Kate Bush Set To Release New 3-CD Live Set

I think only one person has ever returned from the rabbit hole. Hell, I think she engineered that psychedelic journey into those crevice’s that, in spite of ourselves, literally expand our picture of everything before and after us.

We all went to school with someone like Kate Bush. On first glance thinking that this person wasn’t equipped to handle that everyday stuff but, for those who paid attention, it was obvious that broken pencils or desperate cliques were trivial things to someone like Kate. She’s hanging with the Mad Hatter in some other world.

In 2014 she returned to the stage for the first time in 35 years. With a 22-night sold-out residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. On November 25th she will release a 3-CD/4LP live set called “Before the Dawn.”

She credited her son Bertie for her return to the stage, writing: “Without my son, Bertie, this would never have happened. Without his encouragement and enthusiasm, particularly in the early stages when I was very frightened to commit to pushing the ‘go’ button, I’m sure I would have backed out.”

The 29-track set, which is her first release in 5 years, will also include a unreleased song called “Tawny Moon,” performed by Bush’s son, and of course will include favorites like, ‘Hounds of Love,’ Running Up That Hill,’ and ‘Cloudbusting.’ and 11 tunes from her 2005 comeback album, ‘Aerial.’ The rest of the tunes are from ‘Hounds of Love,’ ‘The Sensual World,’ ‘The Red Shoes.’


The tracklist exactly follows the live setlist with no overdubs. What you hear is what she did. – by John Beaudin

“Before the Dawn” track list:

Disc 1:

1. “Lily”

2. “Hounds of Love”

3. “Joanni”

4. “Top of the City”

5. “Never Be Mine”

6. “Running Up That Hill”

7. “King of the Mountain”

Disc 2:

1. “Astronomer’s Call” (Spoken monologue)

2. “And Dream of Sheep”

3. “Under Ice”

4. “Waking the Witch”

5. “Watching Them Without Her” (dialogue)

6. “Watching You Without Me”

7. “Little Light”

8. “Jig of Life”

9. “Hello Earth”

10. “The Morning Fog”

Disc 3:

1. “Prelude”

2. “Prologue”

3. “An Architect’s Dream”

4. “The Painter’s Link”

5. “Sunset”

6. “Aerial Tal”

7. “Somewhere In Between”

8. “Tawny Moon”

9. “Nocturn”

10. “Aerial”

11. “Among Angels”

  1. “Cloudbusting”

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